Who we are

Genmo Engineering has been providing quality general and motor engineering services since our founding in 2002. It is our mission to make the customer happy with quality work. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is perfection and accuracy.

Hendrik & Johan Cronjé (Brothers) started Genmo Engineering in a small shop just down the street in 2002. In 2007 we moved to our own shop at 29A Voortrekker street, Brakpan.

Our goal is to provide you the very best in service that is needed to repair your vehicle and solve your problem. Our quality and assurance team controls our jobs to achieve the best standard. Our staff are among the best automotive machinists and mechanics. Our goal is always to deliver great services. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

Our Guarantee

Our GUARANTEE is 6000 km/ 100 hours or 3 months, which ever occurs first and applies only to complete engine and sub assemblies.

Sub assemblies still carry a guarantee only if the cylinder heads, sump and oil pump ect. has been fully serviced.

When installing a reconditioned engine, it is expected that component parts such as the cooling system, fan belts, air cleaners, oil filters, and exhaust system are fully serviced or replaced.

First service, valve and tappet settings cylinder head tightening down after 50 hours are the responsibility of the garage or agent. There after services should he done after 100 / 20O / 400 / 800 & 1600 hours.

We are not responsible for cracks or breakage’s of block, cylinder heads, connecting rods, and crankshafts for any reason whatsoever.

RUNNING IN: All reconditioned engines, when started must be set a fast idle. It is strongly recommended that the correct viscosity of oils be used at all times.

The GUARANTEE only applies if the reconditioned engine has been fitted and initially run by a garage or agent.

In case of failure of a reconditioned engine due to our workmanship and to which the forgoing conditions apply, our office must be noticed immediately, when appropriate steps will be taken. The guarantee becomes null and void if the engine is opened or tampered without our say so.


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Hendrik Cronjé